Advanced Premium Omega-3 Fish Oil

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  • 60 lemon flavored softgels per bottle
  • 2 tablets per day, a 30-day supply
  • Pharmaceutical Grade
  • Ultrapurified (no heavy metals & no fishy taste)
  • Designed for optimal joint, heart, brain and eye health.

Two softgels contain: 2,400 mg of natural fish oil concentrate consisting of:

  • 1,000 mg EPA (Eicosaoentaenoic acid)
  • 180 mg DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid)
  • 220 mg Other Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Highly concentrated and purified, just two softgels deliver more than 1,400mg of long-chain, natural (TG) form total Omega-3 fatty acids including 1,000mg of EPA and the exact amount of DHA found in research to be associated with brain health. Just one softgel per day meets the requirements for the FDA's qualified health claim for heart disease and stroke prevention.

This high EPA formula is more suited for inflammatory support. Other products may require 6 or more softgels to deliver this amount of EPA (making them far less cost-effective, higher in calories and more likely to lead to indigestion).

Unlike cheap store brands, there is no fishy aftertaste or "fish burps". In addition, each batch is sent for dioxin, PCB and heavy metal testing to insure its place at the top of available Omega-3 products.

Fish Oil’s freshness can be best extended by using cold storage (refrigerator or better yet, the freezer) You can take the softgels cold; they don’t have to warm before use.

Manufacture: 10-1-2014, Expiration: 10-1-2017

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