Success Stories

Many people have experienced great results after starting Dr. Theo’s™ line of supplements. Here are some success stories from Avosoy® users.

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Hi Dr. Theo. I followed your Arthritis Cure with great success. I’m a 56 yr old former athlete and airborne ranger with hip arthritis. Five years ago the best surgeon in Saginaw, MI told me I had moderate hip arthritis and needed a hip replacement based on x-rays. At that time, I read your book and lost and kept off 15 lbs (175 to 160), changed my diet, exercised more, stretched, and took Avosoy Complete. The pain has greatly diminished and after five years, I definitely do not need hip replacement.


Dear Dr. Theo,
Thank you so much for developing a fish oil product that does not induce the dreaded “fish burps”. I have tried numerous other brands but yours by far has the others beat between the high level of EPA and DHA per capsule and no GI distress. As a registered dietitian, I am well aware of the health benefits of Omega-3 fatty acids but I’m also a person who detests the taste of fish so your product has been great. I am also single so not having fish breath is definitely an advantage in the dating world 😀 .Keep up the great work!

—Nancy Albright

I am going to Milwaukee this weekend to hopefully qualify for XterraWorlds. This is the off-road triathlon that I have been doing. In August I will be doing Ironman Canada to hopefully qualify for Ironman Hawaii. My big plans are to do Ironman Hawaii in Oct. and a week later do XterraWorlds. That is if my body holds up. Which leads me to your product. I love it! Ever since I have been taking it I have no pain in my joints at all. Before that they would ache often. With all the miles I have been doing in preparation for these events, I can’t be anymore pleased with the results! Thank You!

—Mimi Ford

As you can guess, I can no longer take Aleve or aspirin, but I have found Avosoy seems to be giving me some pain relief. …Your highly tested product is now my preference.

—Betty Mossey

Thank you for the insistence of bicycle exercise. I have been using a recumbent bicycle for nearly a month and I have much better range of motion in the right hip that is/was nearly without cartilage. This in conjunction with daily “Avosoy Complete”.

Walking is beginning to be comfortable—it has not been for about 3 years. In that time I have not taken pain relievers for concern of covering up sensation telling me to take it easy. I absolutely agree with your views on the misuse of pain relievers that you mention in your writings. Thanks again for your work and good fortune with it.

—Gary Rader

I read about your product and purchased Avosoy complete and began the 3 times per day regiment (roughly 8 hours apart). Results: In just 5 days, inflammation of my knee has subsided substantially. Joint pain is down 75%. When I flex my leg or walk down the stairs, the crunching sound in my knee has lessened to point where I can barely hear it.
Being in the Real Estate business, I am always on my feet. Thanks for making my job less painful. Thank you for making available a product that truly works.”

—Russell Gutstein

I am 67, and I have been taking 1200mg a day of Chondroitin for about 1 1/2 years.

Then I started Avosoy Plus in December – I have noticed a remarkable improvement about three months after. For this I am very grateful to you.”

—Yves Jolly

I have to let you know how much I have benefited from using Avosoy. I’m a 50-year-old, very active and fit, peri-menopausal Caucasian female. I was really alarmed when, in my mid-40s, I started having joint pain in my fingers. It followed a pattern of coming and going for awhile, getting extremely painful in one joint at a time. Then, about a year ago, I started waking up with my right ring finger bent at a 90-degree angle. After reading The Arthritis Cure I ordered a one-year supply of Avosoy. I’ve been taking your supplements for about three months now and my symptoms have gradually improved. The trigger finger is almost completely gone and my joints look much less swollen than they were. I have always been a believer in nutritional healing, but this is the most concrete example that I have ever seen.

—Shelley Brooks