Product Overview

Which product is best for You? As with any medication or dietary supplement, it’s best to get professional advice from your doctor. Here’s a general guide that may assist you in choosing the best product for your needs:

  • Dr. Theo suggests a trial of 6-12 months for the supplements to show full effect. Some people feel a difference in as little as 1-2 days.
  • Joint health may be improved no matter how much or little you feel since cartilage has no nerve endings.
  • Symptoms do not correlate with joint health. The same is true for bone health. For instance, calcium supplements can improve the quality of your bone without you actually noticing an effect.
  • Unlike other products that claim to have similar ingredients, only Dr. Theo’s Official products back-up the claims by letting you see the test results of each and every batch produced.
Product Form Usage Directions Tablets per bottle
Avosoy (ASU) Vegetarian (fully vegan) Use alone or add to your existing high quality glucosamine and chondroitin product (not a cheap store brand) 1 tablet once per day (30 day supply) 30
Avosoy Complete (ASU + Vegetarian Glucosamine + Chondroitin) Not vegetarian- contains chondroitin from pork cartilage (cow free) This should be your first choice unless you need to take a vegetarian product and do not wish to take chondroitin. This is the most powerful of the three AVOSOY products. 3 tablets once per day (30 day supply) 90
Advanced Premium Omega-3 Not vegetarian. Fish derived from herring, sardine and anchovy species This unique formula is designed to deliver 1,000mg of long-chain, natural (TG) form EPA and 1,400 mg of total Omega-3 fatty acids in just two softgels per day. 1 to 2 soft gels per day with or without a meal. Some people store the product in the refrigerator or freezer to enhance shelf life. 60 softgels
Vitamin D3
(Cholecalciferol, Standardized, Pharmaceutical grade)
Not vegetarian Vitamin D insufficiency is very common and is associated with osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, MS, Rheumatoid arthritis and a number of cancers. If you don’t work outside in the sun all day, this product is for you. 1 tiny softgel per day 90 softgels